Why to create an account?

Being a member of is completely free.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

– Being informed about our special shopping opportunities for the members

– Being informed about newly released products and campaigns earlier than others.

In order to become member, you must have a valid e-mail address.

What is the Privacy Policy of information given during membership

Ogobongo guarantees not to share the information you give during membership with third parties. (Read Privacy Policy)

Do I have to become member to make order?

No you do not. You may choose to be a guest. But it is recommended that you’d better to be a member that’s why not to enter your information in every order again and again?

I forgot my password…

Simply click on the “Forgot Password” link which is in home page below login button. A text box will appear and writing the e-mail address which you gave us during creating your account will be enough.

Your new password will be sent to your e-mail address which is recorded in our system. After automatic password transfer operation, it is reccomended to change your password. Unfortunately you can not learn your password by calling us on the phone, because your whole information is encrypted with high level security installed in our system. Getting your password is only possible when our system send you a new password.

May I change my account information

Whenever you want, you can change your membership information, your password or add a new address. In order to make changes, you need to login. After you login to our site, you can make any changes by clicking “my account” which is in home page.

Can I end my membership

Yes you can whenever you want. Simply send us an e-mail about your request to the account Your account will be deleted as soon as we receive it. And we promise not to ask “why”.

Can I use multiple addresses for delivery or invoice?

Yes. You can identify up to five different addresses in the system.

Delivery Addresses

After shopping in Ogobongo, you can save the addresses that you want your orders to deliver to in this part. You can save 5 different addresses in your account and during shopping, you can select one of them. Your order will be sent to the delivery address you entered. The most common reason for late delivery is insufficient address informasion. Please fill in your delivery address information completely.

Billing Addresses

After shopping in Ogobongo, the person/institution that is supposed to be invoiced and address information is saved in this part. If you wish, you can change or delete those recorded addresses. As there will be no chance to change the billing address information after invoice operation, dont confirm any order unless you make sure about billing information.


I am rooky. Where should I start?

Start by clicking on the product you like. If you love site, products or something else in our site, you’d better to be a member.

How can I make order in your site?

When you click on a product’s thumbnail, you will be led to the page that includes detailed information about that product. By clicking “ADD TO CART” button that is near product features, you can add that product to the cart. Or you can directly click on the “ADD TO CART” icon which is below the product thumbnail.

After you finish product selection, you can roll over the SHOPPING CARD icon which is on the top right of the page. A menu will appear which contains VIEW CARD and CHECK OUT options. If you want to make some corrections in your order choose VIEW CARD, or else choose CHECKOUT to go to payment page and you will be led to the next page. After you fill in billing and delivery addresses, you will choose SHIPMENT selection. After you complete those operations, you can pass to CHECKOUT page by clicking “Continue” button.

If you click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” button that is in the VIEW CARD page, you will be led to the last page that you were doing the shopping.

In payment page, dont forget to fill in credit card information correctly. If you dont want to pay with credit card, there is “money transfer” selection under credit card option. When you click that link, you can select the bank and note the account number information.

After filling in credit card or money transfer information, you can be led to “order confirmation” page by clicking “CONTINUE” button. If you want to installment, dont forget to choose one of the installment options. After all operations, you must click “CONFIRM ORDER” button only once. When your order is confirmed, an email will be sent to you.

How can I make sure that my order form reaches to you?

When your order reaches to us, an email will be sent to you.

How do I follow my order?

In every step of your order (order taken confirmation, payment taken confirmation, order sent to shipment…), an information mail will be sent to your email address. What is more, when you login to our site, in “MY ACCOUNT” part of above menu, you can get information about your orders and you can see which step your order is in.

To whom should I reach about problems?

You can reach us by phone: 0212 219 6014 or 0212 219 6114, or via e-mailing:

How can I cancel my order?

By specifying the date and reason of your order that is to be cancelled, you can reach us via email; and it will be cancelled. Your order must not be delivered by that time. If it is already delivered, the produsc(s) must be sent back to us with the shipment ,that has brought your order to you, without open the package and with the invoice. In cancel situation, returning delivery payment belongs to the customer.


What if my product wrong or missing?

If you realize that the product(s) that you get is wrong or missing, please dont use it and call 0212 219 6014 or 0212 219 6114 or send an email to for explaining the situation. We will immediately do what is necessary.


What should I take cognizance of during delivery?

If you are not satisfied our product(s) while there is some problems which has been during transportation, please open your package near the courier officer and confirm that it is damaged (or not). If there is a problem with your order, please make the courier officer report and do not receive the package. If you have chosen pay to door cash option, do this before you pay. Otherwise, the cargo firm will not be responsible for any damages. If you do so, we can deliver the new product(s) without charging any of returning delivery.

Each of the Ogobongo products are under life time satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied the product(s) just send us the product(s) with the invoice we sent with it after letting us know about the situation, and we change the product(s)or pay back. In this case, only the returning delivery payment will belong to you.

Which Courier Company delivers my order?

In all shopping options, the order will be delivered by Yurtiçi Kargo.

Which cities do you ship?

We ship all cities in Turkey. If there is not courier office in your city, your order delivers some days of week

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not ship internationally.

What about shipping charges and how can I pay?

Ogobongo product deliveries are free of charge in Turkey.

Will I pay any other fee during delivery?

You will not pay any other fee except Pay to Door payment options.

When will I receive my order?

The purchases which were ordered after 2 pm in workdays are put into process in the following day and the purchases which were ordered on Friday or the days before holidays are put into process on Monday or the first workday after holidays. Your orders are shipped between 1-5 working days. Delivery time is variable in wars, natural disasters, fires, terrors and such extraordinary situations. Your order will ship the address that you stated before.

The most important factors that cause delays in delivery are the mistakes on your shipment address. Please make sure that you stated your address correctly.

What will I do when a delay occurs in delivery?

If your order does not deliver to courier company , please send an e-mail to the address which includes your name and order number. We will respond you as soon as possible.

What if nobody is there to receive my package?

The courier officer will leave you a form which includes the telephone number of courier office. You should call that number and get information within 3 days about your package.

What happens if I encounter a problem which arises from delivery?

Please confirm that your package is damaged or not, near the courier officer. Please note that when you receive your package without checking, you are deemed to have accepted that the courier officer discharged his/her task completely. If there is a problem with your order, please make the courier officer report and do not receive the package. When the damaged product information received us, the new product will ship to your address.

What if my invoice does not exist with my order?

Your invoice is shipped with your order. But, if it does not exist, please contact us via e-mail.